New Minions Summer Collections Feat. Cute Bears & Minions as Warriors

New Minions Summer Collections Feat. Cute Bears & Minions as Warriors

Fion Minion Bags
Credit: FION

It seems like the Minions are taking over the world. From the upcoming Minions Land in Universal Studios Singapore to their latest movie, it seems like these yellow creatures will be conquering the world soon.

As a way of showing your support for the Minions why not get a cute Minions bag from FION’s latest Minions Summer Collection.


Founded in 1979, FION specialised in fashionable lady handbags which are made of high-quality leatherwear. Their handbag designs are inspired by fashion and the arts. This, in turn, brings a diversity and inspiration to one’s bag collection and fashion sensibility.

Utilising traditional artistry, FION is developing to be one of the most highly regarded premium leatherware brands in the world.

FION Minions Summer Collection 

FION has teamed up with Minions to release their new Minions Summer Collection. This time, the new collection is themed around the adorable “warrior” Minions and warm-feeling and extremely huggable bears. These cute designs are guaranteed to enliven your life and soul.

Previously, FION released the Minions collection as a way to cheer up their long-time customers during the pandemic. However, the response was so overwhelming that FION decided to continue releasing more designs of this series. We now you can expect new releases four times a year, according to the seasons.  

FION Minions bags were lauded by many Minions fans of all ages. Some even used these bags as decorations for their living spaces. This helps brighten the space and illuminates the surroundings with much cheer, joy and happiness.

Warrior Minions Nano Crossbody & Shoulder Handbag

Warrior Bags
Credit: FION

The Warrior Minions series is part of FION’s new Minions Summer Collection. In this series, there are six nano bags of different designs. All of them featuring different Minions performing an act that is deemed, “warrior-like”.

Donned in brown garments, these minions could be seen holding spears, bananas or even sticking out their tongues. One of the minions even has a peeled banana stuck to the end of the spear. This series features a primitive theme to it, bringing a sense of adventure and excitement.

The nano-size bags are made of jacquard with cow’s leather and they have a strap length of 600mm. Although all the bags are of different shapes and sizes, the general measurements of FION’s nano-size bags are 55 x 70 x 40mm, 55 x 80 x 40mm, 55 x 95 x 40mm, 85 x 85 x 40mm.  They also have an opening at the top.

You can use FION’s nano-size bags as crossbody bags, earphone cases or as an accessory for your regular-sized bags.

Minions Warm-Feeling Bears Nano Crossbody & Shoulder Handbag

Bear Bags
Credit: FION

The Warm-Feeling Bears Minions collection consists of five nano bags. These bags are designed to make one feel cosy and cheerful. This collection focuses on Bob, the Minion with heterochromia.

In one of the designs, Bob is seen slurping noodles. On one hand, Bob is holding a soup bowl while on the other, he is holding a pair of wooden chopsticks with noodles intertwined around them. In another design, Bob is wearing a Panda hat whilst taking a stick of bamboo.

The third design features Bob wearing a Panda hat and carrying two tiny bears; a brown bear and a Panda.

Bear Nano
Credit: FION

The last two designs in the Warm-Feeling Bears Minion collection are the nano-sized warm-feeling bears bags which Bob held. One of which is a happy brown bear which looks as huggable as a teddy bear while the other depicts a seated Panda.

These bags come with a 600mm strap and they have a measurement of about 55 x 70 x 40mm. The nano bags have one main compartment and an opening at the top. These nano bags are stylish enough to be used as a cross body or shoulder handbag, an accessory or even as an earphone case.

Minions Headphone Crossbody & Shoulder Handbag

Headphones Minions
Credit: FION

One of their upcoming designs is the Minions Headphone Crossbody Shoulder Handbag. This handbag has one open pocket at the top and it comes with a leather strap. The strap is suitable for one to carry the handbag as a shoulder handbag or as a cross body accessory.  The versatile design makes this bag an easy-to-style accessory for any outfit.

This handbag comes in both regular and nano sizes. The handbags of both sizes are made of jacquard with cow’s leather. Similar to the regular-sized Minions Headphone Crossbody Shoulder Handbag, the nano-sized bag also has one main compartment that opens at the top.

The nano-sized bag has a strap length of 600mm and it measures up to 55 x 70 x 40mm. It can also be used as an earphone case if you do not want to use it as a crossbody bag. At the back of the bag, there’s a keyring for those who want to hang the nano bag on your regular bags.

Where to Purchase FION Minions Summer Collection 

You can purchase the collection in all leading departmental stores.

FION Minions Summer Collection Giveaway

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