About FION

Inheritance is a lifelong mission

Master Cheng Rongzhong, one of the founders of FION,
A family of cobblers from Hong Kong.
Since Master Cheng Rongzhong inherited his family's craft,
Dream of bringing international standard bag technology to China,
It was with this idea in mind,
Master Cheng and Mr. Mai, who was then a manager in a foreign goods firm,
The partnership started FION. The year is 1979,
The FION brand was born in Hong Kong.


Pass on from generation to generation, achieve the ultimate craft

In the 1980s,
FION has opened its stores in Macau, Taiwan, Japan,
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

In the 1990s, FION successively opened brand counters in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places.

In 1992, FION set up a production base in Huizhou.
Master Cheng's closed disciple - Master Ye Yawei as FION
He led a group of outstanding craftsmen with 20 years of precipitation to join FION and continuously provide quality assurance for FION.


Let art come to life

For more than 40 years, FION has adhered to traditional techniques,
Inheriting the top craftsmanship of Hong Kong's "first generation of cobblers",
Achieve its consistent seiko quality and attention to detail.

At the same time, FION is committed to bringing quality life to urban women,
Through the collision of art and fashion trends,
Incorporating artistic creativity into FION's product design,
With more content and more products,
Bring women high quality of life aesthetics.

Traditional craft, innovative design

After more than 40 years of process inheritance and precipitation accumulation,
FION cooperated with Taiwanese fabric suppliers, and after three years of research and development,
"Oil painting woven fabric" was born.

More than 20 processes of layer refining, three layers of fabric fine sewing,
20 years of experience in traditional artisans hand-threading yarn,
Just to restore the texture of impressionist paintings.

For the first time, FION applied the fabric to bags,
In 2020, the FION oil painting series will be new and new.