October 28, 2021

New Seasonal Minion Bags’ Collection From FION

Have a warmth-filled Christmas with the arrival of Fion’s new seasonal collections of Minions bags, wallets and accessories! These new designs bring cheer and love with their reflection of the spirit of companionship – featuring Tim, the stuffed bear that Bob carries around him.

The character Bob is actually a short minion and he carries around a teddy bear. Fion has cleverly constructed a bag which resembles Bob and he is actually carrying a cute teddy bear! The bag is definitely an overload of cuteness. It comes with 4 different leather straps so that you can create different styles and new looks with the bag. It can be a backpack, sling bag or a cross-body bag.

For this Christmas season, Fion has also launched a series of 5 Minions leather nano cross-body bags with its own unique designs! The nano bag features one top zipper and it also comes with an adjustable leather strap. With the adjustable leather strap, the nano Minion bag can function as a sling bag or a cross-body bag or it can simply be a bag charm which can be hung on a handbag.

To add further to the Christmas cheer, Fion has also launched a patchwork Minion PVC short wallet and a patchwork PVC key and coin holder. These are excellent gifts for family and friends and will definitely bring them more delight, glee and joy for this holiday season.

The new series of Minion bags have just landed in Singapore. Get your hands on a piece now before they run out.

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July 29, 2021

The Minions Series By FION

The Covid-19 pandemic had caught everyone by surprise and swept through the world with numerous variants of the virus, causing grief and a lot of sadness with huge number of deaths in numerous countries.

Without doubt, the mood everywhere is sombre, disconsolate and distressing.  To enliven the mood and spirit, Fion decided to collaborate with Universal Studios to launch a series of adorable and delightful Minions leather bags.  These bags were launched in Singapore in early July 2021.

The launch of the Minions series was lauded by many Minions fans young and all ages.  Fion’s initial plan was to launch the Minions series which they felt would cheer up their long-time customers, but the response to the Minions series was so overwhelming that Fion has decided to continue with producing more of the series.

According to Fion’s representatives, many customers not only buy the Minions bags to use, they also use it to decorate their living space so as to brighten, cheer up and add a sense of appeal and humour to the surroundings which they live in.

I am not surprised that the sales of the Minions bags are ever-increasing as we have seen many huge successes with luxury bag brands collaborating with cartoon characters such as Marc Jacob’s collaboration with Peanuts.  Even Coach had also caught up this year to launch a series of leather goods and t-shirts with Peanuts.

As we huddle together to overcome the gloom which the Covid-19 pandemic has descended upon the world, we take comfort that we have brands like Fion who take it upon themselves to create bright and lively products which are appealing and pleasing to uplift consumers’ spirits during these unprecedented times.

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December 09, 2020


FION's Little Mons are created differently to match their new mistress fantasy image perceptions and to bring some light hearted fun to their lifestyles.
Our Little Mons are good conversation ice-breakers among friends.
FION's Little Mons acts as a very unique fashion piece to one's wardrobe. Yet they are very functional and suitable for work, travel and leisure.

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