FION X Despicable Me 4|Into the world of color, are you ready for the Minions boom?

FION X Despicable Me 4|Into the world of color, are you ready for the Minions boom?

This summer's collection of products for Minions has arrived! MINIONS have been popular all over the world recently, and you living in busy cities, you may want to feel and understand the cute and colorful world of small soldiers Minions together!

FION's new MINIONS collection is available here>>

Fill your world with a variety of designs and colors

Is your bag still black, white and gray?
It's time to let go of the established idea of bag colour!
If you like simple matching, you may want to try more colorful items.

Minions fans essential items: The first choice of classic TIM backpack

Minions Tim Leather Backpack

Black-based backpack, with hardware buckle has highlighted the extraordinary bag.
The front of the backpack is designed for large TIM, and the coffee + black color mix makes this summer no longer boring.Whether it's a slanted back, shoulder or backpack, a three-way multi bag is a great deal!!!

Minions fanatics essential items: Recommended TIM Phone Bag

Minions Tim Mobile Phone Bag

Unlike the previous denim style, the phone bag is made of black leather, and the soft leather feels really full.The front still uses large TIM as the main design, It is convenient to store mobile phone, a small bag can be easily taken out!

Summer must-have item: GUS is coming!

Minions My Boss Hate Me Leather Backpack

To count the most summery new products, definitely this super eye-catching backpack! The most special thing about the backpack of the new character GUS is that the book held by GUS is detachable. The hook design on GUS's head will definitely catch everyone's eye at a glance! Such a fun and collectible backpack will definitely add to the overall visual effect.

TIM limited items: Multiple bags for you to choose!

Minions Tim Leather Crossbody Belt Bag &  Minions Tim Leather Crossbody and Shoulder Bag

In addition to the above design, FION launched the style of belt bag and camera bag for TIM this time ~ People who Love simple design and prefer Merard colour , do not miss the new launch! With adjustable shoulder straps, you can freely match the daily wear, casual and beautiful, to meet everyone's different styles of clothing!

Online Exclusive : Purchase Minions items now on the official website at HKD 790 to get MINIONS FREE GIFT SET! A white canvas bag with TIM printed on it and a gift card are given away. 


One more thing to share with everyone!!!

Recently, there is also a Minions theme project in Hong Kong.

In addition to the various photo-takiing scenes in the movie, there is also a two-month pop-up store where you can choose your favorite MINIONS products! 
All kinds of cute bags, which one do you like as a fans?
No matter which style of bags can be matched with daily clothes, find your own MINIONS bag in FION~
Let’s take your cute MINIONS bag with you this summer to watch Despicable Me 4!!!
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